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Minors Can Broaden Your Academic Experience

The Pathology minor, open to all majors, will provide courses geared toward providing jobs in autopsy suites and medical laboratories. The minor will better qualify students to take post-mortem pathology jobs, attracting students from programs including but not exclusive to funeral service, biology, forensic science, pre-medical, and pre-pharmacy. Further, the minor will provide qualifications to students in any major to enter into a pathology specialty within their major field of study.

For details about the curriculum, the complete course listing, specific program requirements and expected learning outcomes please refer to the Pathology minor program in our College Catalog.

Total credit requirements: 18 credits.

Required Courses (18 credits)

    • BI 140 – Anatomy and Physiology I 4 credits
    • BI 141 – Anatomy and Physiology II 4 credits
    • FS 137 – Pathology 3 credits
    • FS 210 – Pathological Application 3 credits
    • FS 220 – Histopathology 4 credits

Substitutions: The following courses may be substituted if a required course is duplicated by the major:

  • BI 107 – Biology of Cells (Lecture) 3 credits
  • BI 107 – Biology of Cells (Lab) 1 credit
  • SC 100 – Medical Terminology 2 credits
  • SC 207 – Forensic Science 3 credits
  • AF 309 – Forensic Science II 3 credits
  • BI 205 – Cell and Molecular Biology 4 credits

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Apply practical skills and research techniques in a laboratory setting while working toward a career in biological, medical, forensic or related scientific fields.

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