Tips for Being an Online Student

Taking online classes has its rewards and challenges. You have flexibility and convenience, but you also need to learn some new skills. Beyond knowing the technical skills needed to complete the required tasks and assignments for your classes, online students also need to employ time management, organization, digital citizenship, and more.

Being a Successful Online Student Requires:

  • Communicating in writing. In an online course most communication is written, so it is very important that you enjoy reading and that you know how to express your opinions in a written format.
  • Meeting all time commitments and requirements for the course. Many students feel that online courses require more time and commitment than traditional learning environments.  You must be responsible and committed to keeping up with the course workload.
  • Understanding the appropriate way to use technology. You must have access and knowledge of certain technology. Your computer system must meet minimum standards and have a high speed connection. You should feel very comfortable using a computer and being online.

See “Getting Ready for Online Learning”  ( for more information on being an online student.