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International Programs

Let the World be Your Classroom

Global awareness and knowledge is crucial in today’s world. Mount Ida College is committed to providing opportunities for our students to study and learn about other cultures through faculty-led international travel courses; semester, summer and exchange programs at a host university; international internships; and teaching and research positions abroad.

Global Connections

We provide a full range of services for Mount Ida’s international and study-abroad students

Travel Programs

Travel, Study, and Learn with Mount Ida. You'll never know where you'll get to go! Explore the possibilities!

What our students have to say:

The minute we got to Costa Rica my whole view on the world changed. I learned that over here in the states, we take so much for granted. Costa Rica was beyond beautiful and it made me really focus on the importance of living in the moment. Taking in the earth’s beauty. I hope everyone has this experience at least once in their life.”
Lauryn Samia, Senior Biology Major.
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This trip will remain in my heart forever and I can’t wait until the day I get to go back and discover more of this beautiful land. The relationships and bonds formed over just a week blew my mind. These people are no longer strangers to me, but family.
Brandy Bussiere, Education Major.
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Traveling and understanding other cultures helps to break down cultural barriers and to understand one another. The business world is becoming globalized and being well educated and well-traveled helps businesses create and keep good relationships with international partners.
Colleen McGourty, Business Major.
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