Honor Scholars program at Mount Ida College

The Honor Scholars program at Mount Ida College offers you the opportunity to customize your academic experience even more than our signature degree programs already do. Designed for highly motivated students with demonstrated academic potential, the program offers you an academic, social and cultural experience that encourages independent and interdisciplinary study and research.

Gain a competitive edge for the job market or graduate school

While others merely focus on tasks or data, as an Honor Scholar, you’ll learn to see the big picture – across disciplines or areas of study. While others use only logic or strategy, you’ll harness all of your senses and talents to create solutions with greater potential. Your honors faculty mentor guides your academic adventures, on campus and off, by teaching you how to leverage all of your knowledge and skills to solve problems.


In addition to your degree prograclasswork and internships, you will have the chance to work one-on-one with a faculty mentor and complete honors projects of interest to you. Your honors advisor can provide opportunities to take part in honors research, go on field trips and attend professional conferences. Everything you do as an Honors Scholar helps build important career skills, such as critical thinking and leadership. Our goal is simply to help you discover untapped strengths and uncover your best self. 

Additional Honor Scholars benefits

Learn more about the criteria and requirements of our program and enjoy many benefits and leadership opportunities as an Honors Scholars student:

  • Attend honors field trips, programs and events
  • Attend an annual honors reception with Mount Ida’s president, members of the Board of Trustees, faculty and administrators
  • Attend national and regional honors conferences

Mount Ida recognizes your additional academic work with a special Honors Scholars designation on your official college transcript and at graduation.

Of course, you’ll remain eligible for other honors, including the Dean’s List, Latin honors (magna cum laude, for example) and honor society membership.