Aim high and be your best self

The pursuit of academic excellence at Mount Ida College is one of many ways you can become the best version of yourself. On our beautiful campus, not far from Boston, our community encourages and celebrates academic achievement through our honors programs.


As a Mount Ida honors student, you can boost your undergraduate degree experience to new heights. For example, our Honor Scholars program gives you the opportunity to more deeply examine aspects of your field of study that matter most to you. We’ll give you the chance to dream big, while earning your college degree. Along the way, you can count on your professors and the college itself to recognize and reward your extra effort.

Work hard and dream big

In addition to the Dean’s List, we invite you to learn more about Mount Ida’s honors programs and events celebrating academic achievement:

HonorS Scholars: First-year students by invitation only. Current Mount Ida students or transfer students by application.

Honor Societies: Five honor societies, based on academic achievement and field of study.

Honors Convocation: Annual celebration and recognition of Mount Ida students’ academic and leadership accomplishments. More than 40 student awards given each year.