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MSM Course Schedule

Fall 2017 – Summer 2018

On-campus classes meet from 6:00-9:15pm
For Complete course descriptions, please consult the College Catalog.

Core Courses
Course # Course NameDay Dates
BA501 Management Theory and Organizations Tuesday or Wednesday 1/16-3/5 or 3/13-4/30
BA506 Marketing Strategy and Management Online 1/16-3/5 or 7/3-8/20
BA526 Graduate Seminar: Research Methods Tuesday 9/5-10/23 or 10/24-12/11
BA530 Human Resource Management Wednesday 9/5-10/23 or 10/24-12/11
BA606 Financial Management for Decision Analysis Wednesday or Tuesday 9/5-10/23 or 1/16-3/5
BA650 Strategic Planning, Policy Development and Management Wednesday 3/13-4/30 or 5/15-7/2
Business Management Concentrations
Course # Course Name Day Dates
BA512 Entrepreneurship Wednesday 9/5-10/23
BA513 Consumer Behavior: Current Theory and Applications Tuesday 10/24-12/11
BA520 Information Technology Management Online 7/3-8/20
BA521 Business Law Online 5/15-7/2
BA522 Leadership in Organizations Tuesday 3/13-4/30
BA523 Project Management Tuesday 7/3-8/20
BA611 E-Commerce Online5/15-7/2
Healthcare Management Concentrations
Course # Course Name Day Dates
HC501 The U.S. Healthcare System Tuesday 10/24-12/11
HC502 Healthcare Policy and Ethics Tuesday 3/13-4/30
HC503 Foundations and Concepts of Healthcare Informatics Tuesday 1/16-3/5
HC505 Risk Management in Healthcare Tuesday 5/15-7/2
HC506 Healthcare Economics Wednesday 7/3-8/20
BA523 Project Management Tuesday 7/3-8/20
Interior Architecture Concentrations
Course # Course Name Day Dates
IA501 Graduate Seminar: Global Issues in Design Tuesday 10/24-12/11
IA521 Interdisciplinary Studio I: Environmental Design Tuesday or Wednesday 5/15-7/2
IA522 Interdisciplinary Studio II: Advanced Technology in Design Tuesday or Wednesday Fall 2018
IA621 Interdisciplinary Studio III: Universal Design Tuesday 10/24-12/11
IA622 Interdisciplinary Studio IV: Thesis Monday 1/16-4/30
BA Management Elective Based on Selection