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Leadership in Sport MSM Concentration

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Leadership in Sport MSM Concentration

The concentration in Leadership in Sport is designed for professionals who are interested in sport management careers that require significant responsibilities in leadership within the sport industry and/or interscholastic/collegiate settings. These might include positions as managers, sports agents or in the front office. The program is designed to meet the interests and needs of students coming from a variety of undergraduate or professional backgrounds. Those who will assume significant administrative positions within sport businesses must develop competencies that will effectively handle the media, corporate sponsorship and contemporary issues in sport with a strong ethical perspective.

Robert Brown

"I enjoy helping young sport fans attain what they need in order to turn their passions into careers."

Heather Gilmour

"It is both fun and exciting to learn about how sport can impact culture, business, economies and education."


Students complete the following courses along with the MSM Core Curriculum

(All courses follow the hybrid model, combining online with on-campus study, unless noted)

SM 510 – Sport Leadership

This course will focus upon an analysis of leadership theory that will lead to the development of effective business practice and management in the sport industry. Upon the self-assessment of one’s personal traits, the student will build a model of leadership that can be used effectively in professional life. A personal philosophy and mode of leadership will be developed based upon a critical review of morality, social responsibility and the ethical issues related to sport in its intrinsic and extrinsic dimensions. The student will develop an ethical framework for effective decision-making and best practice that will lead to organizational success.


SM 515 – Legal Aspects of Sport

This course will explore the governing laws in the area of sports. sports law ties together a variety of legal subject matter that includes antitrust, contracts, agency, intellectual property, employment, criminal and torts laws. Relevant laws will be examined in the context of amateur sports, professional sports and international sports.


SM 520 – Contemporary Issues in Sport (Online course)

This course will explore critical issues related to contemporary sports with an emphasis on the cultural, interactional and structural dimensions of sport experiences. Sociological concepts, theories and research will be analyzed and applied to the relationship of sport and society. Cultural influences on sport from the social milieu past and present, that include economic volatility, political pressures, the legal system, education and ethical dilemmas, as they impact sport and its participants, will be studied. A comprehensive review and assessment of the social problems in sport will include deviant behaviors, racism, sexism, commercialization, social class, politics and governance within the venues of professional to amateur athletics, the Olympic Games and intercollegiate participation.


SM 530 – Sports Marketing and Sponsorship

This course will compare and contrast the field of sport and lifestyle marketing with the practices and applications of mainstream marketing. Course work will include a historical overview of sport marketing and will examine the application of marketing principles to collegiate and professional sports events, commercial and public organizations, sporting goods and the sport enterprise in general. Course content will be presented in a lecture format complemented by class discussions, guest speakers, case studies, outside readings, video and a simulation.


SM 540 – Sports Media and Public Relations

This course will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of applying practices, along with developing analytical abilities in application of theories and concepts in sport communication and public relations. Students will explore the history of sports media and public relations and will evaluate the issues associated with media coverage and the effects that they may have upon our society.


SM 550 –Sport Management Internship

The focus of the internship is the professional development of the graduate student as a functional part of management within a sport organization. The internship experience will provide an opportunity for the student to synthesize, transfer and apply knowledge from their graduate study to all phases of an organization’s operation in the workplace.


Sample course schedule

Year 1

Fall Semester
BA 530 Human Resource Management
SM 510 Leadership and Ethical Management in Sport

Spring Semester
BA 506 Marketing Strategy and Management
SM 515 Legal Aspects of Sport

Summer Semester
SM 520 Contemporary Issues in Sport
BA 520 Information Technology Management (Online Course)


Year 2

Fall Semester
SM 530 Sports Marketing and Sponsorship
BA 526 Graduate Seminar: Research Methods

Spring Semester
BA 606 Financial Management for Decision Analysis
BA 501 Management Theory and Organization

Summer Semester
BA 650 Strategic Planning, Policy Development and Management
SM 540 Sports Media and Public Relations or SM 550 Sport Management Internship