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Human Resource Management MSM Concentration

Human Resource Management MSM Concentration

Understand and master the role of HR within the scope of a management degree. The goal of this rigorous program in Human Resource Management is to provide students with a solid foundation in both Human Resources and Management in an integrated, structured curriculum that focuses on best practices for HR professionals.

Nancy Aldrich

Nancy has 30 years of business and legal experience serving in many senior management-level positions for both profit and non-profit organizations.

John Anderson

John Anderson joined Mount Ida College in 2007 and teaches Human Resource Management and Compensation and Benefits.


Students complete the following courses along with the MSM Core Curriculum

(All courses follow the hybrid model, combining online with on-campus study, unless noted)

HR 501 – Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and benefit packages can play a key role in the success of any organization, from attracting and retaining qualified employees, to making the difference in an organization’s bottom line. Students will study, apply and critique pay and benefit structures for all types of organizations.

HR 502 – Employment Law

Human resource professionals must navigate a complicated and dynamic legal environment. This course will introduce students to Federal and State laws, using case study analyses to understand how to both interpret and apply the statutes.

HR 503 – Labor Relations

An understanding of the effects of labor relations on employment law and workforce expectations is key for any HR professional, whether working in a unionized industry or not. This course will introduce students to the history and role of labor unions in the U.S. Policies and processes for collective bargaining and negotiations will be analyzed. Assignments will require students to develop and critique employee conduct and grievance policies.

HR 504 – Recruitment, Selection and Talent Management

This course will introduce the role of demand forecasting and succession planning in organizations. Students will review and evaluate a variety of contemporary recruitment and selection tools and processes. Methods of job analysis and design will be reviewed and the role of job analysis in recruitment and ongoing talent management will be examined. Performance management strategies for employee retention, training and development will be analyzed.

HR 506 – Managing a Diverse Workforce

As the make-up of the United States changes, so does the make-up of any organization’s human capital. This course will introduce students to a range of diversity issues, from the much discussed such as race and gender, to the less well known such as ableism and religious tolerance. Case studies will allow students to examine each aspect of diversity, while a diversity audit assignment will enable students to apply these concepts to an organization that is familiar to them.

HR 540 – Human Resource Graduate Internship

The Graduate Internship provides students with the opportunity to learn about a specific area of HRM in depth, in the workplace. Internship sites must be approved and students must demonstrate that they will take responsibility for a project that will benefit the organization.

HR 550 – Strategic Human Resource Management

This capstone experience allows students to experience HRM in the c-suite, highlighting the key role played by HR in every organization. Processes for data collection, analysis and benchmarking as a basis for senior management decision making will be reviewed. Case analyses will require students to critically analyze organizational needs, propose solutions and develop intervention plans.

Sample course schedule

Year 1

Fall Semester
BA 530 Human Resource Management
HR 502 Employment Law

Spring Semester
BA 506 Marketing Strategy and Management
HR 501 Compensation and Benefit

Summer Semester
HR 504 Recruitment, Selection and Talent Management
HR 503 Labor Relations

Year 2

Fall Semester
HR 506 Managing a Diverse Workforce or  HR 540 Human Resource Graduate Internship
BA 526 Graduate Seminar: Research Methods

Spring Semester
BA 606 Financial Management for Decision Analysis
BA 501 Management Theory and Organization

Summer Semester
BA 650 Strategic Planning, Policy Development and Management
HR 550 Strategic Human Resource Management