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Global Studies

Minors Can Broaden Your Academic Experience

Global studies is a popular and growing field, helping to produce global citizens and fostering a climate of diversity and global awareness. A minor in Global Studies provides an international focus for students wishing to add such a perspective to their academics. The minor will have a foundation in historical international politics then a customizable experience including historical, cultural, global and artistic perspectives.

For details about the curriculum, the complete course listing, specific program requirements and expected learning outcomes please refer to the Global Studies minor program in our College Catalog.

Total credit requirements: 18 credits

Required Courses: (6 credits)

  • HI 118 – History of Civilization II 3 credits
  • PO 220 – International Relations 3 credits

Elective Courses (12 credits)

Choose four (4) of the following courses; two (2) courses must be at or above the 300 level:

  • AR 310 – The Art of African Cultures 3 credits
  • BA 327 – Global Business 3 credits
  • BA 410 – International Marketing 3 credits
  • EC 206 – Macroeconomics 3 credits
  • EN 360 – Israeli Culture Through Literature and Film 3 credits
  • HI 235 – Modern East Asia 3 credits
  • HI 245 – Modern Latin America 3 credits
  • HI 255 – The Middle East in the 20th Century 3 credits
  • HI 325 – Europe 1900-1945 3 credits
  • HI 326 – Europe Since 1945 3 credits
  • PO 210 – Comparative Politics 3 credits


Travel courses will also count towards this minor with the approval of the Chair of the Department of history and Interdisciplinary Studies.


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