Let the world be your classroom

At Mount Ida College, we offer you many intercultural and global awareness opportunities as an integral part of your experience here. International exposure and cross-cultural understanding greatly enrich your chosen career-focused degree program – as employers seek professionals with global perspectives and connections. We encourage you to explore international travel opportunities including faculty-led international travel courses, summer programs, semester study abroad options, and international internships.

The Center for Global Connections provides information and advising on your study abroad options. We’re proud to send about 61 Mount Ida students abroad each year to earn college credits and do service learning projects in local communities. For more information, email international@mountida.edu.

Study abroad programs

Mount Ida carefully reviews and approves study abroad programs. There are three types:

  • Faculty-led travel courses
  • Independent travel for a semester or summer
  • Internships abroad

Faculty-led travel courses

Travel courses are unique, on-campus courses with a required embedded travel component during a vacation period, for example spring break in March. They are developed, taught and led by our faculty according to their professional, academic and regional specialties. Each year the options for travel courses changes as we develop new destinations and programs.

Study abroad orientation and preparation

Once you’re accepted into a study abroad program, we require you to attend on-campus orientation sessions before you depart to learn about financial issues, travel safety and how to prepare for your destination. Faculty-led travel courses include an on-campus course for academic credits during the semester and count toward your semester course load.

Study abroad eligibility

We welcome your study abroad questions as early as your first semester at Mount Ida. In consultation with your academic advisor and our Center for Global Connections director, you can ensure you meet study abroad eligibility requirements. There are hundreds of options so it is likely you can find one that matches your academic and cross-cultural interests.

The requirements for faculty-led travel programs vary, but all of them require students to have:

  • Good academic, financial and judicial standing at Mount Ida

For students who want to spend a semester studying at a host university, the requirements are:

  • College course prerequisites appropriate to your chosen major
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Junior status (60 credits or more at the time of departure)
  • Good academic, financial and judicial standing at Mount Ida

Study abroad application, registration and deadlines

To apply for a semester or summer study abroad program as an independent traveler, please complete these steps and meet these deadlines:

  1. Schedule an appointment with the Global Connections director by emailing international@mountida.edu. Include your name, major, when you want to go abroad and for how long, and what destinations you are considering.
  2. Read the Mount Ida Study Abroad Handbook, available on MIWeb > My Academics > Global Connections > Semester Study Abroad Handbook.
  3. Meet with your academic advisor to identify the courses you want to take abroad to make sure they fit with your academic plan and continue to move you toward an on-time graduation.
  4. Complete and submit the study abroad application, contract and other forms by the deadlines. These forms are at the back of the Handbook.
  5. Deadlines for individual study abroad are below. Because study abroad programs fill early, we recommend applying early.

Fall semester abroad: March 15
Summer program: March 15
Spring semester abroad: October 15

Study abroad financial aid

Special financial aid options exist for students wishing to study abroad. Mount Ida’s Center for Global Connections recommends these sites for additional information on study abroad financial aid: