Save time and money by earning BS and MSM degrees in just five years

Our accelerated five-year BS to MSM degree plan offers fast-track results for career-driven students. You’ll begin earning credit toward your Master of Science in Management degree during the senior year of your bachelor’s degree program, enabling you to finish the MSM program with just one extra year at Mount Ida. A master’s degree helps you stand out in a competitive job market, while putting you on track for leadership positions as you mature. Students in all majors can apply for the accelerated 4+1 BS to MSM program during their junior year.

Experiential Learning in the BS to MSM degree program

Like all Mount Ida degree programs, the BS to MSM degree emphasizes practical education and development of workplace skills. No matter what bachelor’s degree major you choose, your program will include internships, job placements, independent research, capstone projects, and/or other hands-on learning opportunities that offer direct job preparation. And during the master’s degree portion of the BS/MSM program, you’ll analyze and present cases studies, work on team-based projects, manage an international company in a live business simulation, create business and marketing plans, and engage in a “hands-on” seminar to learn about the latest technology and productivity tools and how to apply them to the workplace.

BS to MSM Degree Curriculum

If admitted to the BS to MSM program, you can take up to four graduate-level courses (12 credits) in your senior year. These courses can count toward both your undergraduate degree (as open electives) and toward the Master of Science in Management degree.

It’s important to choose these courses carefully to ensure that you satisfy academic requirements for both degrees. Work with your academic advisor to review all course choices and degree requirements.

All Master of Science in Management students take seven core courses (21 credits) in subjects such as marketing, human resources, information technology, financial management, strategic planning, and research methods. You’ll choose five additional courses (15 credits) based on your area of concentration. Mount Ida offers five concentrations for its MSM degree:

  • Business Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Interior Architecture
  • Leadership in Sport

The MSM degrees in all concentrations consist of 36 total credits. By earning up to 12 credits during the senior year of your bachelor’s program, you can complete the remaining credits in just one additional year.

BS to MSM Careers

The accelerated BS to MSM program is designed for highly motivated students with strong career objectives. No matter what bachelor’s degree you earn, you can move your career farther and faster by adding an MSM degree. In almost any field, a master’s degree can help you move more quickly into management or entrepreneurial positions, with greater job responsibilities, higher income potential, and better opportunities for advancement.