Certificate in Thanatology

NCDE offers a certificate in thanatology the study in death, dying and grief. The Certificate in Thanatology at National Center for Death Education (NCDE) at Mount Ida is a 60 continuing education hours program that includes a scholarly project. The certificate in thanatology provides documentation in advanced study, documenting expertise beyond the foundation level training received by most professionals in their disciplines.

Because we know you are a busy working professional, here are some frequently asked questions about the program.

Tuition and fees

To complete your certificate in thanatology at Mount Ida, you’ll pay tuition for individual workshops, on-campus courses and online courses. The certificate processing fee is $75; online courses typically are $250 with 10 continuing education hours and the NCDE Summer Institute workshop includes 6 continuing education hours. 


NCDE’s Certificate in Thanatology requires 60 continuing education hours as well as a scholarly project. Check out the full list of available online continuing education courses on death, dying and grief or learn about seminars at our NCDE Summer Institute.

Scholarly project

You’ll complete an original scholarly project to demonstrate your thanatology knowledge and to contribute original skills and ideas to the end-of-life field. Contact our NCDE Director Diane Moran at  (617) 928-4727 or at for more details on your scholarly project.