Online Courses

If you are a busy professional, you may want to consider taking one of our user-friendly, online courses. Work at your own pace, day or night, for these four week long courses. Upon successful completion, professionals in the following fields may receive 10 continuing education credits per course:

  • nurses
  • social workers
  • mental health counselors
  • marriage and family therapists
  • teachers

Tuition for our online courses is $250.00.

You can register online here.


September  29 – October 17

DE502: Grief Across the Lifespan


October 20 – November 14

We Honor Veterans: The unique, often unrecognized needs at end of life


November 17 – December 17

DE 545: Drawing Lines in the Sand: Professional Issues in End of Life and Bereavement


January 12 – February 6


DE 532: Spirituality, Children and Death


February 9 – March 6

DE 507: Dying, Death &Grief in the Digital Age


March 9 – April 3

DE 503: Integrative Medicine in Palliative & End of Life Medicine


April 6 – May 1

DE508: Struggling with Spirituality after Traumatic Loss