The destination for professionals in the field of death, dying and grief

The National Center for Death Education (NCDE) at Mount Ida College is dedicated to offering you and fellow care giving professionals in thanatology—the field of death, dying and grief—the latest industry knowledge and trends through a number of professional development programs.


We design our programs with our philosophy and educational approach in mind; that death and loss are a part of the natural continuum of life, including the many forms and expressions death, dying, grief and loss have within the contexts of families, communities, and with those who have had similar experiences.

Here are a few of the great programs that benefit professionals in grief and loss, trauma,  chaplaincy, social work, nursing, employee assistance personnel, teachers, mental health and counseling:

There are no pre-requisites or admission requirements. We welcome anyone wishing to supplement their education and professional experience with advanced study in end-of-life issues.