Local Anesthesia Hands-On Injection Technique Review Course

Instructor: Denise Tetreault, RDH M.Ed.

RDH with permit L
4 CE hours: $150.00

Course description

This course is designed for the dental hygiene practitioner who has already acquired their Permit L and wants to review local anesthesia injection techniques. Basic head and neck anatomy as it pertains to local anesthesia injections will be reviewed. In addition, anatomical variations and the adjustments to technique will also be covered. Taking place in our newly renovated Dental Clinic, the hands-on portion will be participant-driven.


Registration requires the submission of a current dental hygiene license, CPR Healthcare provider card, certificate from an approved local anesthesia certification course or current Permit L, medical history and consent form. In addition, participants must be able to sit as a partner to receive injections.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Identify the critical anatomical landmarks for maxillary and mandibular nerve block injections.
  • Assess causes for inadequate local anesthesia.
  • Practice alternative administration techniques.


Instructor: Denise Tetreault, RDH M.Ed.
Assistant Professor of Dental Hygiene, Mount Ida College

Denise Tetreault is an Assistant Professor in the Dental Hygiene Program at Mount Ida College. She is the second year clinic coordinator, with a research and teaching focus on Pain Management, Head and Neck Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Dental Anatomy and Histology. Professor Tetreault provides supplemental instruction for second year students in all aspects of the clinical curriculum. She coordinates and teaches our Continuing Education course in Local Anesthesia for practicing dental hygienists as a part of the state requirement for the local anesthesia Permit L. She also provides supplemental instruction in the use of power scaling as a blended approach to dental hygiene therapy as part of the curriculum.

Prior to joining the faculty at Mount Ida, Tetreault was a clinical and didactic instructor at Bristol Community College for eight years. Her professional experience is extensive, including  practicing dental hygiene for more than 30 years; Chair of the Southeastern Massachusetts Dental Hygienists’ Association; and recipient of Dental Hygienist of the Year in 2006.

Tetreault received her M.Ed. from Cambridge College, A.S. in Dental Hygiene from Bristol Community College and B.S.B.A. from University of Massachusetts. She is certified in local anesthesia. She is an active member of the ADHA, MDHA, and Sigma Phi Alpha. She also has been a guest lecturer in a local anesthesia CEU course topic: Medical Emergencies in Regard to Local Anesthesia and Update on Pre-med Guidelines for the Dental Hygienists sponsored by Southeastern Massachusetts Dental Hygienists’ Association.