The Learning Circle Program

As you begin your college career, if you find the course demands and pace difficult, we encourage you to learn about the Learning Circle Program. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Student Support Services TRIO Grant Program, the program’s mission is to actively support your success in your academic and professional careers as well as personal growth.


A circle of support with many benefits

As a member of the Learning Circle, you will enjoy a number of support services from professional academic coaching and tutors to financial aid planning and college budgeting. In addition, you will benefit from personal advising, workshops, lectures, job search training and more.

The Learning Circle team determines your eligibility based on a variety of criteria, including demonstrated financial need per federal guidelines, first-generation college student or documented disabilities.

Use this application to express your interest in joining the Learning Circle

Supporting your success

We’re proud Mount Ida can offer you and your fellow students the Learning Circle Program, along with our other academic support services, as we believe they enrich our diverse, friendly and supportive campus community.

Contact Director Peter Sherman for more information at (617) 928-4091 or