Academic Support


Office of Student Success

The Office of Student Success includes the Office of the Dean of Student Success, Student Transition and Retention (STaR) Services, the First-Year Experience course, and the Student Achievement Program (SAP).

Student Transition and Retention (STaR) Services

Housed in the Office of Student Success, Student Transition and Retention (STaR) Services includes first-year advising, the CONNECT living/learning community, academic support services, student retention services, academic progression, and placement testing. The goal of STaR Services is to support students throughout their first year at Mount Ida College, assisting in their personal and academic transition, in order for students to have a successful first-year experience. Throughout students’ experience at Mount Ida College, our academic support team assists students with tutoring, exam preparation, and academic skill-building in order for students to reach their academic potential and become confident life-long learners.

First-Year Advising

A comprehensive advising system plays an integral role in the academic success of Mount Ida College students. All first-year students are assigned a Success Coach, who is a resource throughout students’ first year. Success Coaches meet with their advisees at summer orientation, during registration periods, and at regular intervals until they transition to a faculty advisor in their second year. The Director of STaR Services oversees First-Year Advising. For more information, contact the director at 617-928-4722.

CONNECT Living/Learning Community

The CONNECT Living/Learning Community is available for first-year students majoring in American Studies, Criminal Justice, English, Liberal Studies, Media Communication, Political Science and History, Psychology, and Sport Management. CONNECT students live together on the third floor of Wingate Hall, take linked courses, engage in academic and social activities, and have access to embedded academic support. Peer and professional tutors, Success Coaches, and specially selected Resident Assistants are all available to CONNECT students right in their Wingate residence hall. Prospective students interested in being a member of CONNECT can call 617-928-4040.

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is Mount Ida College’s academic support center, which offers free academic assistance in most subject areas, including math, business, science, dental hygiene, veterinary technology, history, and fashion/graphic/game art/Interior Architecture and Design. Working across campus, the professional learning strategists and student tutors provide one-on-one and group assistance. Additionally, the center offers sessions on building study skills and test-preparation strategies, all in a supportive learning environment.

The ASC staff is dedicated to helping students succeed in their coursework and achieve their academic potential regardless of prior learning experiences. To reach their academic goals, students may sign up for 30-minute or 60-minute appointments. Weekly standing appointments are also available. The ASC is located on the first floor of Hallden Hall. Please call 617-928-4709 if you would like more information.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center supports students by providing assistance with writing assignments and papers for all courses at all stages of the writing process. The Writing Center welcomes students of all ability levels. Writing Coaches are available to meet with students one-on-one in the Writing Center; they are also assigned to certain courses and provide assistance to the student writers in those classes via class presentations, in-class workshops, on online tutorials.

The Writing Center is located on the first floor of the Wadsworth Library. Please call 617-928-7322 if you would like more information.

Students can make Academic Success Center and Writing Center appointments by registering online: go to MIWeb Portal Home and click Academics under the Student drop-down tab on the left.  Then find the links in the Academic Support box.

For assistance in making an appointment, please call the Assistant Director of STaR Services at 617-928-4686.


Mapworks is a comprehensive retention system that enables Mount Ida College to identify at-risk students and engage them in effective early intervention. All students are encouraged to take a survey (First-year students are administered this survey in CC101.), which helps identify individual barriers to success in college. College support staff, faculty advisors, and instructors follow up on the survey results throughout the semester to monitor academic progress and refer students to appropriate support services.

Academic Progression

Students’ satisfactory academic progress is reviewed each semester by the Office of Student Success. Please see Satisfactory Academic Progress by Degree Level and Semester Completed under Undergraduate Academic Policies and Procedures in the College Catalog.

Placement Testing/Developmental Course Policies

Math placement is determined by Admissions prior to course registration. If the placement results indicate a need for pre-college level coursework, students must enroll in MA093, to prepare themselves for college-level math. Because MA093 is not college-level, the credits earned in this course do not count towards graduation and, therefore, may create a need for additional time for the student to complete degree requirements. Students who place into MA093 may take a placement test one time to challenge their course placement. Transfer students who have not successfully completed college-level math will be required to take a placement test.

Student Achievement Program

The Student Achievement Program (SAP) is a fee-for-service support program open to any student who is interested in working with a learning specialist to meet his or her academic and personal goals. The program offers strategy-based tutorials that focus on developing skills in the following areas: study skills, reading and writing strategies, time management and organization, stress management, self-advocacy, memory and concentration, social skills, career preparation, and health and wellness. All tutorials are standing appointments, and the one-on-one instruction is administered by an experienced, professional learning specialist. First year students meet with their individual learning specialist two or three times each week for 50 minute sessions. Returning students can choose one, two or three weekly tutorial sessions, depending on their need. Although enrollment is not a guarantee of success, students often value the additional structure and support the program provides. In addition to one-on-meetings, students are encouraged to attend SAP’s academic strategy workshops offered throughout the semester.

Students interested in the Student Achievement Program must complete an enrollment form and submit directly to the program. Enrollment is based on space availability so early submissions are encouraged.

The annual fees for participating in the Student Achievement Program cover the costs of private academic coaching sessions with an on-campus learning specialist. These fees are in addition to tuition, room and board and/or course fees.