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Mighty Moments

This program offers high school seniors the opportunity to visit campus and shadow a current student for the day! Visiting students will attend classes and have lunch on campus with their host, offering a realistic insight into a day in the life of a Mustang!


The Mighty Moments Shadow Day will be available February 12-16 and February 20-23. The times for each Mighty Moments Shadow Day will vary based on the student. Once registered, we will create your individual schedule! If you are interested in a program from our School of Design, please check out our Design Day event, happening Friday, February 23, 2018. This event will offer a similar look into the day in the life of a student, with a more specific focus on design programs. Please contact the Office of Admissions with any questions about either event. If you are unable to find a date that works for you, please remember there are other visit options available.

What will the day include?

The schedule for each visiting student will vary, however, everyone can expect to arrive on campus before their first class and report to the Office of Admissions. Once on campus, you will be introduced to your current student host for the day. From there, you and your host will attend their daily classes, go to lunch in the dining hall, and experience day-to-day life on campus! Generally, students will attend 2-3 classes with their host before returning to the Office of Admissions. Once you return, there will be opportunity for a campus tour, a meeting with an admissions counselor, or meetings with other various offices on campus (Athletics, Financial Aid, Accessibility Services, etc.).

What should I bring?

Just you! We will have a packet of information ready for you when you arrive, and lunch will be on us! Parents are welcome to attend any additional meetings or campus tour after the main shadowing portion of the day, but time with hosts is just for prospective students.


Please contact Melissa Hagerstrom, Senior Associate Director of Admissions and Enrollment Transition, with all questions regarding the Mighty Moments Shadow Day Program.

Please note that we have reached capacity for the Mighty Moments Shadow Day Program. However, there are other visit opportunities available. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Admissions at either 617-928-4553 or e-mail us at admissions@mountida.edu.