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The Employee Handbook offers comprehensive details about Mount Ida’s staff policies. The handbook provides supervisors and staff with information in order to assure equitable and consistent application of policies. It incorporates the changes that have been made by the College, as well as changes that have been made in response to recent laws enacted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the federal government.

The Faculty Handbook is a collection of policies that apply specifically to faculty members, related to their unique role(s) in the College. Unless otherwise stated, these policies apply to all full-time faculty employed by Mount Ida, regardless of tenure-track, tenured, or non-tenure-track status.

The provisions of the Employee Handbook are informational and do not constitute an employment contract. Further, the provisions of this Employee Handbook are not conditions of employment and may be modified, revoked, or changed at any time by the College with or without notice. Questions regarding the policies should be directed to Human Resources.

Nothing contained in this Employee Handbook alters the term (duration) of employment of any employee. Unless covered by a specific employment agreement in writing approved by the appropriate Dean, Vice President, or higher level College official, employees of the College are at-will employees, without a specific guaranteed term of employment, whose employment may be terminated with or without cause. No written or oral representations to the contrary by hiring or supervisory personnel can alter the employee’s status as an at-will employee, and any term of employment greater than one month’s duration and any promise of renewal of employment must be in writing approved by the appropriate Dean, Vice President, or higher level College official.

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Mount Ida College

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