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Office of the President

Message from the President: Honoring the Legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

On Tuesday, January 23, Mount Ida College will honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King by holding our 20th Annual Martin Luther King Celebration with the MLK Luncheon. The luncheon is an event and a tradition at the core of our mission and purpose. We will be fortunate to have as our principal speaker author and educator Dr. Cornell West, who has, for three decades, been one of the most significant voices for racial and social justice in our nation.

It is fitting that the annual Martin Luther King luncheon is one of the few times that the entire Mount Ida community comes together for a single event. Classes and athletic events are suspended and it is a time to reflect on the issues that are fundamental to each of us—and make Mount Ida a unique, involved, and compassionate college: open to truthful dialogue, dedicated to both mutual respect and to the elimination of the barriers of hatred and prejudice.
In large measure, we succeed in these goals at Mount Ida. Our campus is emblematic of a community that respects and honors the fact that, in our differences, is our strength. Each of us should take this occasion to reflect upon the words of discord and hate that fill our public and social media,

and to note the many who are threatened by that polemic, children and families, our immigrants, our minorities, both new to the nation and native, each of whom would, if given the opportunity, make our nation stronger and help us to continue on our path as a beacon of justice to the rest of the world.
Please join me in this celebration throughout the next week in a variety of special events that will allow for us to connect as a community—and honor and celebrate Dr. King.

Barry Brown