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Alumni success, Giving Back

Mount Ida Vet Tech Student to the Rescue

In early November, when the Wellness Services staff at Mount Ida College saw a family of kittens on campus, that appeared to be about 11-weeks old. As the temperatures began dropping, administrative assistant Nancy Ortiz, and nurse practitioner Sandi Margolis became concerned for their safety. They reached out to the Animal Rescue League (ARL), and Theresa Vinic, the ARL’s community cat rescue agent, came out to campus to find them but unfortunately, they were unable to locate them.

A few days later at the Health and Wellness Center in Appleton House, the staff heard the sound of cats crying in the stairwell of the building. “We had a pretty good idea that the family of cats had returned.” Mount Ida staff immediately called Ms. Vinc, was able to locate one kitten in the basement of the building and rushed the animal to Dedham Animal Care.

Barely alive, the kitten was treated by a veterinarian assisted by a graduate of the Mount Ida veterinary technology program, Lauren Litif. After a miraculous recovery the kitten was named Lawrence in honor of Lauren who administered a life-saving I.V. Read more about this Lawrence’s care and miraculous recovery in the Boston Globe and on the ARL website, links below:

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