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New Students Welcomed to Mount Ida with Convocation

Thursday, August 31 was a big day on Mount Ida’s campus, when the College officially welcomed it’s largest and most academically-accomplished class ever. The day began with first-year students moving in to residence halls on campus, with the help of parents and friends. New commuter students also checked-in on campus that morning. While students settled in on campus and in their rooms, family and friends were invited to a reception hosted by the Office of Advancement, where they created a special surprise memento for their student.


On Thursday afternoon, new students gathered with Mount Ida’s trustees, College leadership, school deans, faculty, and staff for Convocation. For the first time, students sat by their school – Applied Sciences, Business, Design, and Social Sciences & Humanities.  “Convocation literally means a calling together of a large group for a special purpose,” said Provost and Chief Academic Officer Ron Akie in his opening remarks, “Our special purpose today is you, and more specifically your education.” President Barry Brown then spoke to the College’s new students. Mackenzie Bumpus, a junior majoring in Business Administration and President of the Student Government Association, also addressed the students.

You’ll quickly learn that the people on this campus truly care about your experience and how you are doing. I believe that this is what makes Mount Ida unique – we truly have a community where we are constantly giving back to one another.

She noted that “college is a huge change in your life. Whether it’s your first time living away from home, or taking a college-level course, or being away from your best friend. Change is necessary for growth, and here at Mount Ida, you’re able to become the best version of you.”

Mount Ida began another new Convocation tradition this year by having the four school deans formally induct their new students into each school. “We commit to providing you the very best education and preparation for a life of success and fulfillment,” said Dr. Reema Zeineldin, Dean of the School of Applied Sciences,” and we ask that you bring your full energy, openness, and curiosity to your learning.”

“We pledge to prepare you for a variety of business careers by ensuring each of you have a foundational understanding of core business concepts. We will deliberately infuse ethical decision-making into your coursework so that as future leaders you act with integrity,” said Dean Chris Kubik.

“We will work tirelessly to deliver you a top-tied design education as we prepare you to be future leaders in the creative economy,” Dean Jason Donati said to new School of Design students.

Dean Brad Hastings of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities said, “We hope to guide and challenge you in the years ahead through the personal relationships we will form with you. We ask you to bring your curiosity, energy, and life perspective to each learning opportunity that you encounter.”

Provost Ron Akie closed the Convocation with, “Students you are now officially members of the Mount Ida learning community. We wish each and every one of you much success in your studies here at the College and look forward to the day four years from now when you graduate with your degree in hand.”