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News Archive, Office of the President

President Brown’s Message on Executive Order Affecting the DACA program

Dear Members of the Mount Ida Community:

I write to each of you, today, as we complete the first week of our fall semester with the largest freshman class in Mount Ida history and confirming what we are all experiencing: the extraordinary excitement, creative energy and engagement of our community as we begin our academic year.

I write also, and in particular, to assure each of you, our students, that Mount Ida is, above all, an institution that values your right to study on this campus, to be valued by this community and to achieve your goals and dreams.

As the national debate continues regarding whether to terminate the Deferred Action for Children (DACA) program, we raise our voice along with colleges and universities throughout our country in support of the principles and values for which DACA stands.

A number of you have come to us as the children of parents who brought you here with the hope of better lives. This was not your choice, but theirs. However, For more than five years, DACA has made it possible for you to become highly educated, supportive and meaningful contributors to American society. Our nation has benefited from your talent and your dedication to our country’s fundamental belief in the infinite capacity of individuals who are committed to hard work and self-betterment.

You are each examples of those principles and as you move on from Mount Ida to become leaders in art, science, education, social service, business and other fields, you enrich the lives of your families and your communities.

We want each of you to know that we value you as part of this College and our nation and that, at Mount Ida, we will defend you and your right to study and thrive at this institution by our tireless efforts to urge our President and Congress to continue the DACA Program. That is our commitment to each of you and to our belief in the American Dream and your rightful place in it.


Barry Brown